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The High Street across the port was the sound of television tuned to a dead channel...
Calling all Phreaks!
We are Independent Purveyors of All Wares Cyberpunk & more, Creating Clothing, Accessories, Homeware & More; Across our 4 different Sub-Scenes or "Sub-stores" we offer products distinct and Unique to each scene. Our Scenes are:
Low-life Hi-Tech. Low Bass Hi-frequency. Infused with B-Boy Culture trends and Cyan Circuitry Surfing on a Wave of Harajuku seasoning. Our Street Wear Store conveys the marriage of Brick & Silicone. Art & Precision. Humanity & Machinery.  Set your Baseline (Bass?) clear and prepare to receive these Phunky Phuture Threads.
Transport yourself to other Dimensions with our Psychedelic, Esoteric, neon , Inspired by trips to the ether via everyone's favourite mode of Transportation. This store is sure to take you where you want to go, whether its the secret rave in a cave or The Hall of a Thousand Faces, accessible via the 4th dimensional shadows that present themselves to you just before take-off; We've got you covered.
All your favourite Pop Culture & Dystopian Science fiction & more. All with an original twist.
Making the Future no Longer Fiction, an Insurgency against Corporatocracy; We Fight Fascism Fashionably. Providing both our own In-house Designs and international Independent Brands that you will fail to find on any Street Corner or High Street.
All Freedom, No Authority
We believe it is an individuals right to Freedom of Self-expression & Self-determination. Freedom from ridicule at the workplace shackled on by corporate executives in their joeboy suits & preppy haircuts, perpetually yearning for you to submit to their mould.
Freedom from false moral superiority of which costs untold relationships Forged in the Foundations of Love.
Freedom from the Norm, Freedom from Compliance, Freedom from Fearing to be who you are supposed to be...

The Matrix has us no longer, It's time for us to write our own Code..



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